Monday, October 7, 2013

Marathon Training Log #10

Taper week! Wahoo!

I have been doing this Marathon training thing pretty blindly, I guess. I have only just realized this because I recently started reading a lot of running blogs and book reviews, and I know nothing! I don't even really have a goal finish-time for the race. I just want to finish! 

This past weekend, our plan was 12 miles. After running 20 the previous weekend, I thought that 12 would feel easy... I was wrong. We started later than what was optimal, and it was hot! 

For breakfast, I had whole wheat toast with a thin layer of peanut butter and coffee. I did not drink a Spark before the run because I had extra coffee and thought that it might make me a little crazy! (Second mistake.)

I took one non-caffeine Power Gel in my belt (third mistake), one water and one sport drink, plus powder to mix in when I refilled. 

I felt fine the first half of the run--- not great, but fine. We stopped at the usual park to refill at 5.75 miles. I ate/drank (what are you actually doing to those things?!) the gel with at least 8 oz. of water. The rest of the run, my legs felt heavy and tired. While I was running I tried to think of what I had done differently to make me feel that way, and here are the three things I came up with: 

1. I ate pizza for dinner the night before (first mistake). 
2. I did not drink my Spark. 
3. I had run 20 miles for the previous long run, not to mention 100 miles over the last month. That is definitely a record for me! 

Ben finished well ahead of me and Chris, so he came walking toward us on our last half mile. They both had to practically drag me to the finish. How was 20 so awesome and 12 so awful?!

Had a huge sport drink and a pack of peanut butter crackers soon after we finished. My stomach was A-OK after the run! Yay!

2 weeks until the race! 8 miles this Saturday!

Lottie and I got our first Toms. Just a random tidbit for you. :)

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