Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm Back! {Friday Favorites}

I've been off the blog for about a month now for several reasons: cabinet renovation, vacation, cabinet renovation, needing a break from social media, and another vacation. Where did the summer go???

This break has given me some time to think about my blog and why I do it. There are times when I ask myself "Does this even have a purpose?" And I always come back to the same answers: Yes, because it is an outlet for me in this phase of learning in my life; a way to "hash out" my thoughts, record memories, and hopefully encourage others who may be struggling with similar things. I've definitely gotten caught in the trap of comparing myself to other women, especially stay at home moms who blog about faith and fitness. But that's why I want to write! I truly want my readers to sense genuineness  in my posts, to be drawn to know more about the One who holds it all together when it seems like it's falling apart. On a much less serious note, I also LOVE posting about our meals, not because I think I'm great at cooking, but because I enjoy reading other bloggers' meal plans. It keeps me from getting in a food-rut, and cooking is very therapeutic for me. When I make my grocery list after coming up with a meal plan, I feel accomplished and organized. 

I have had a couple of new ideas for my blog that will hopefully help me stay more regular in writing. So stick around, and maybe something will stand out to you! I'm just so humbled that you have even stopped by! Thank you!

Friday Favorites from the last month:

A trip to Nashville with three couples in our small group so the guys could go to a men's conference called The Main Event.

Lots of outside playtime with these two monkeys! We picked up McD's smoothies for a fun treat this day. 

Reading some GREAT books right now. This is a page from Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel (yes, that's who played Blair in The Facts of Life). I am learning so much in this book. It is the most practical application of scripture in a young child's life that I have found yet. She even has lists of verses that apply to different issues, and covers just about everything from whining to asking for help before trying alone. I love the line near the top of the pic: "Our goal should be to ensure that our reflection of God draws our children closer to Him-and that it makes them long to touch the real thing. 
I'm also reading Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph, and I am thoroughly enjoying it as well. 

New running shoes! I'm training for a half marathon that I volunteered to be a pacer for! I've never been a pacer before, but I'm really excited about it! Search #gsmhalf on Twitter and Instagram if you're interested. 

Fifth annual trip to Hilton Head Island. I was terrible about pics on this trip. It was a very relaxing vacation. We didn't really go anywhere except for our favorite restaurant for dinner one night, and our favorite breakfast spot one morning. Other than that, we stayed at the pool in the shade or on the beach!

New recipes! This was prep for lemon chicken and asparagus from Pinch of Yum. {Remember to follow me on Pinterest to find almost all the recipes mentioned here.}

It's Labor Day weekend! We are planning to camp in our backyard tonight and/or Saturday. Then after church on Sunday, Ben and I are leaving the kids and going backpacking for one night in the National Park. Little-known fact about April: Backpacking is my FAVORITE thing to do- {cue Nacho Libre voice} every day! (Not really every day, but it is my fav activity!)

I hope you have a great long weekend too! 

I'd like to know, if you read blogs or are a blogger, have you ever gotten caught in the comparison trap?

I want to know a little-known fact about you! Please share in the comments!