Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Thankful Heart

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It's so wonderful to reflect on all that God has granted us. I am most thankful for His forgiveness. I have recently been reminded of the amazing gift of God's adoption of me as His daughter. My heart is just bubbling over with joy over this concept of which I was already aware, but I have a new appreciation for!

Speaking of adopting, please visit my dear friend, Brittany's blog to see their adoption story. Soon, she and her husband will become parents, and I know that they will be amazing, fun, and Godly parents to the child that is chosen by God for them.

Speaking of being Godly parents, I love any excuse to do a daily Bible activity with my kids. (I love it even more when someone else comes up with the idea and lays it our for me.) This time, though, I created my own. It's a 28-day devotional-type activity that can be done by one person or a huge family. You simply read the verse together, discuss what it means to each person in an age-appropriate manner, and then write what you are most thankful for that day. You may want to relate whatever you are thankful for to the verse for that day, but of course, that is not necessarily the way the Holy Spirit works.

  (All verses are NLT unless otherwise noted.)

We will also be doing a thankful tree, which we did last year. It is just another great reminder of the bounty of God's blessings in our lives!

I am looking forward to reading these verses and making our tree with my kids through the next month. Let me know in the comments if you would like a copy for your family.

Happy Thanksgiving season!

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