Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Eats {Munchkin Meals}

I'm linking-up with Brittany for another month of Munchkin Meals. Go check it out for lots of great ideas for feeding kids of all ages.
munchkin meals

I don't know where you live, but here in East Tennessee summer arrived a few weeks ago! It has been hot! I've been spending lots of time letting my kids get wet. We have a plastic pool in our driveway; they love playing with the water hose; we go to the city pool; we splash in Dollywood's splash pad, and now Rush, my four year old, is in our city's swim club! Although we do occasionally spend an afternoon out, we try to do all of our activities before lunch. If we aren't going to the gym, we're going to swim club or a play date. Needless to say, quick and healthy snacks and lunches are a must since we are in the car a lot from morning until lunchtime. 

So this month we are sharing our current favorite summer eats, mostly pool and car-friendly. ;)

I have already done a snack-themed munchkin meals post, so some of these things may be repeats. But we're always trying new things too, so hopefully this won't be too boring. 

Breakfast: approximately 7:15 
Peanut butter on whole grain Eggo waffle (or homemade frozen if I have any) or whole wheat bagel

Snack: approximately 9:30
Anything in our Squooshi reuseable pouches (applesauce, yogurt, pudding) or granola bar of some kind in the car

Lunch: (between 11:30-12:00)
If we are home: Brittany's corn dog mini muffins from the freezer with carrots and hummus, plus fruit
If we are out: peanut butter and jelly with Pirate's Booty cheesy puffs and banana chips and an apple. 
Rush (4), Lottie (2), and Cousin Ella

Snack: approximately 4:00
Smoothies or homemade fruit bars (sharing the recipe soon). Here's a sneak-peak of our mango-raspberry bars. 

Dinner: approximately 6:30
Nothing new or exciting to share, but their favorite meal this week has been broccoli-cheese soup. 

I don't have many pics of meals or munchkins eating, so I'll share some photos of munchkins having summer fun!

Have a great summer with your munchkins!


  1. I love making our own fruit bars in the summer! I don't think we've tried mango in them before though... although I don't know why, I love mango!

  2. Even though I don't have kids, I still love munchkin meal posts because I think it is so cute, lots of the food looks good to me too, and it gives me ideas for the future. :) Far future though, haha!