Monday, June 2, 2014

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday! I'm working on a couple of posts other than meal plans (I know some of you don't care about these), but those other topics take a bit more time for me to hash-out. So just bear with me, please. We have a fairly laid-back week this week, so cooking should not be an issue. Here's a glance back into last week's meals:

Last Monday was Memorial Day, and we were hiking most of the day. By the time we got back home, it was too late too cook, and I was too tired. So we ate leftover homemade pizza and I made a quick microwave quesedilla with some fresh avocado slices. The rest of our meals were great:

Warm steak and potato salad (Melissa D'Arabian)

Quiche: I made the usual spinach-mozzarella, but wanted to try something new on the second pie. I had been inspired by a Rachael Ray frittata recipe; so I made Brussels sprouts-scallion-feta quiche. I thought it was really good for a change. Ben liked it too. 

Indian spice curry chicken and veggies
This was my first time making Indian food. It was delicious, and Ben loved it too! (The curry powder was from a friend who is from India.)

We went out for Mexican on Friday night and had lots of leftovers, which we saved for our late Sunday night dinner after church. Ben had the Cuban sandwich and I had chicken fajitas with house-made corn tortillas. Yum!

I am doing some freezer meals this week to have on-hand for my close friend who is getting very close to her due date with her third baby boy and for my mom, who is having surgery next week. I will be making breakfast casserole, broccoli cheese soup, and a chicken dish (haven't decided yet). I will probably also make some muffins for each of them when the time comes. 

Our menu at home this week will look something like this:
Grilled honey lime chicken sandwiches with sweet potato fries
Broccoli cheese soup
Fish tacos
Something in Ben's smoker for the weekend

Do you have any homemade freezer meals that you love? With chicken?

Do you like to venture out and try new cuisines? or do you stick with what you know?


  1. All looks great! Did you roast the brussels first on the quiche?
    Would also love to have the chicken curry recipe! :-)

    1. Hey! Yes, the Brussels were thin-sliced and sautéed with the chopped green onion before going in the pie plate. :) I'll send you the curry recipe! :)

  2. Praying for your mom!! JDT and I will be over for that curry! YUM!

    1. We are ready to see your faces ASAP! :)

  3. All of your meals look fantastic! I am trying to decide what we will eat for the rest of the week because since we just moved we don't have much, but we are also leaving Monday morning for youth camp (we are going as counselors), so I don't want a bunch of food that will go bad. Plus, my kitchen is a mess since we just moved, and I still have so much to unpack.

  4. All looks so fun and interesting! For chicken freezer meals, we mainly do chicken pot pie, and then pre-marinated packs of chicken, such as chicken marinated for stir fry, for fajitas, for grilling, etc. Also I usually do a recipe of Bridgette and cheese stuffed chicken and a recipe of light chicken cordon bleu, both of which I completely cook before freezing in individual portions. They are awesome for a quick homemade meal with uncle Ben's 90 sec rice and frozen veggies.

    1. Bruschetta and cheese... haha... auto correct