Monday, September 16, 2013

Marathon Training Log #7

Marathon day is less than 5 weeks away! Craziness!!!

Our training plan assigned 18 miles for our long run this week. Chris and I could not meet on Saturday, so we had to get up extra early (4:20 a.m.!) on Friday in order to start our run by 5:00 so our husbands could get to work.

For breakfast, I had my usual cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter plus coffee. I started drinking a Spark on my way to meet Chris (about 4:50). In my belt, I took my usual one water and one sport drink (both 10 oz.), plus two Marathon Bars and an extra Spark packet.

We carried four waters and planted them along the run because we were doing an out-and-back route. We stopped around mile 4 for a bathroom break and to refill our waters. We shared a Marathon Bar around mile 6. We stopped again around mile 7 for another bathroom break and to top-off our waters. We also shared an AdvoCare VO2 Bar at some point (don't remember when that was... maybe mile 10). I gulped down about half of a Gu packet around mile 12 (yuck!), and that was about when the sun finally came up! We shared a Spark packet for a little extra caffeine around mile 13. I ate a couple of bites of the second Marathon Bar around mile 15.

By mile 16, we were SO ready to finish! This was a distance record for both of us. Overall, the run went really well. Our hips and knees were so tired at the end, but we both recovered quickly, which hopefully means we are doing something right! No tummy problems this run! Yay!

We get to taper down to 14 miles this weekend and the weather is supposed to be awesome.

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