Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Breakfast Burritos (Freezer)

Freezer Breakfast Burritos


1 lb. breakfast sausage* of choice (Our family favorite is turkey sausage.)

1 bag Southwest-style hash brown potatoes (Found in the dairy aisle) (I have used regular hash browns too.)

6-8 large eggs

approximately 3/4 cup of milk (for scrambled eggs)

approximately 20 fajita-size whole-wheat soft tortillas (We like Chi Chi's brand.) The final amount of burritos depends on how much filling you put in each one and the size of the tortillas.

salt & pepper

approximately 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese (or shredded cheese of choice)

salsa (to be used after reheating)

optional ingredients: diced onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, or any variety of pepper; add in with sausage & potatoes

*Could also use crumbled bacon or go meatless.


In a large pan, begin browning the sausage and hash browns in a bit of cooking oil, breaking it all up as it browns.

While the browning is happening, whisk together the eggs, milk, and salt & pepper to your taste.

Just before the sausage-potato mixture gets to the brownness desired, reduce the heat to just below medium, and pour in the egg mixture. Continue cooking until the eggs are completely cooked.

Remove the skillet from the heat, and allow the burrito filling to cool for about 15 minutes.


While the filling is cooling, get out your tortillas and begin sprinkling the cheese in each one.

Begin filling your burritos. Test the first one to make sure the amount of filling you put in will allow you to roll it up. Roll each one as you fill it, and place it seam-side down in your freezer dish (You could also wrap these individually in cling wrap, and then place them in a freezer bag.)

Once the burritos are frozen, they are super-easy to make for breakfast (or lunch or dinner!). In my microwave, I defrost for about 2 minutes, then cook on high for 1-2 minutes. If the burrito is really fat, I sometimes have to cut it in half after defrosting. Once it is reheated, pour on the salsa (inside or out), and enjoy!

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