Monday, September 9, 2013

Marathon Training Log #6

We got to taper down to 12 miles for this run! 

Around 7:15, I ate one raspberry mini muffin and a mini cinnamon-raisin bagel with peanut butter along with coffee and water. I drank a Spark around 7:45, and gave the last 2 oz to Ben right before we started. 

 I took a sport drink and a water in my two 10 oz bottles in my belt, plus a Marathon Bar (caramel flavor). 

Our schedules did not allow for Chris and me to start at the same time, so Ben and I started together, but he quickly ran ahead. Ben missed the 16 mile run last weekend, so he wanted to do 14 miles. It was a beautiful morning, quite cool compared to usual. Despite the milder temp, it was still very sunny, and it is the route with no shade (glad I wore my hat). I felt great from the beginning except for a strange tightness in my left calf. But it soon disappeared, and at mile 2.5 I saw a hot pink-clad girl coming toward me--- it was Chris. I was hoping that I would get to run at least a portion with her; so I turned and ran back toward the start (her finish). I reached 5 miles as she finished, so I turned back around and ran the same scenery that I had just run, plus an additional mile to make it to 12. There was tons of traffic (thank you, tourism), which was distracting--- lots of toots and honks and whistles--- but I think it somehow kept my pace up. I ate the marathon bar at mile 6... was still feeling great at mile 10 when I looked behind me to see Ben catching up to me! That stinker--- he is so fast! We finished together, and Ben's parents even did a drive-by around mile 11 with our kids, which was a fun surprise. This was a great run overall. I did not know what my pace was as I was running because I could not hear the tracking on my phone due to the heavy traffic. To our surprise, I had run this training run at my racing pace, which is quite faster than my training pace. Ben was really pleased with his pace as well. 

I drank a sport drink as soon as we finished and ate about a quarter of a banana. My stomach felt good for about 2 hours, but I did have some cramps on and off for the rest of the day. I am starting to see that the harder I push myself, the more prone I am to these tummy problems. I will still call this training run a success! We are scheduled for 18 miles this weekend, and Chris will be out of town on Saturday; so we are planning to get babysitters and run it on Friday morning. I will update again soon!

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