Friday, January 31, 2014

Babies and Marriage! Friday Favorites (1/31)

Hey y'all! I am so glad it's the weekend. Aren't you? We've got cabin fever here at the Mills house. The kids were sick for the better part of last week and beginning of this week, and then we got snowed-in on Tuesday. But we have some fun stuff on deck for the weekend. 

Here are some of my favorite things from the past week:

Our new niece, Aubrey, was born on Tuesday morning!!! When Ben got home from work we took a snowy drive to the hospital to see her. 
 We went out for Mexican food afterward which was a treat since we rarely eat out during the week. And we took some back to the hospital for my sis and her husband. :)

Helping Ben lay-out our next Bible study lesson. The main idea is that as Christians we are married to Christ and there are many blessings that come from that. It has been really cool to see the way that earthly marriage reflects these blessings/benefits. 

Our dear, long-time friends, Brittany and John-David, were blessed with a baby boy! Their adoption story has been incredible, and it has been a privilege to pray for them and see God's work. 

Getting a gym membership! I have not had one in a couple of years, and I am so excited. We all went one evening, and the kids loved the childcare room! (Happy mommy dance.) I did part of Sarah's interval workout (again) and some extra leg stuff. Ben even ran beside me for a little while. 

Good reads from the blog world:
Mmmisformommy's crockpot ribs recipe which I'm making tonight. Reviews are rave so they better be good. 

We're having friends over for dinner tonight (that's why the ribs better be good). I am running 10 miles in the morning for marathon training, and we are going to try to get together with my sister's family tomorrow afternoon/evening so the "big kids" can play.

 I am most excited about the getaway that Ben and I leaving for after church Sunday morning to go skiing in West Virginia. 

Have an awesome weekend!

What do you have planned?

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  1. Your skiing trip sounds exciting! Hope you guys thoroughly enjoy that vacation. :) I'm jealous of the gym membership! We live in the country, which makes it hard to have one, haha. But hopefully, if a big move is in order in the next month (what we're praying for), maybe we'll get to join one.

    Congratulations on the new additions in your life, too! :)