Monday, January 20, 2014

Marvelous in my Monday!

Happy Monday, y'all!
It was a great weekend here at the Mills house! 

Friday night, I made homemade pizza, and my sister and her family (our best friends) came over. She is due to deliver baby #3 any day, so we are all excited about that! I forgot to take a pic of the pizzas, but I will have to share the crust recipe because it turned out to be the best that I have ever made! Don't you love homemade pizza?!

Saturday was birthday party day! Lottie had so much fun at her cowgirl party. We have so many wonderful, loving family and friends that came to celebrate with us. I will share some pics later this week. 

When we got the kids to bed on Saturday night, Ben and I stood in the kitchen (because I fall asleep if it's after 8:00 pm and I sit down) and went through the final draft of his lesson for our class. While he was talking, I was listening and giving my input, I might have made this:
Brownie in a mug. 😍 

I am still full of joy after a great day at church yesterday. All three teachings that I heard (Bible study taught by Ben and two sermons) were powerful and convicting and inspiring. God really opened my heart to reveal some tough stuff to me about my motivation behind what I do. I'm so glad that I have the Holy Spirit through Christ in me to help me in my weaknesses. 

Today I am meal planning, grocery shopping, and taking Rush to have his teeth cleaned. Just a typical day-in-the-life Monday!  
Thanks, Katie for hosting!

What was your favorite moment this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! We love to make pizza in our household and I'm always experimenting with different dough recipes, so I'm curious as to what you used. Have a good week!

    -Melissa @ Fit 'n' Well Mommy