Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites (2/21)

Hey, hey! It's Friday! I love weekends, don't you? Since Ben works fairly long hours Monday through Friday, we relish our time together from the time he walks in the door on Friday evening until he leaves Monday morning. 

Here are some of my favorite happenings from this week:

Favorite moment: 
Going out to dinner at El Paso for my birthday with Ben and the kids. I had the tacos de carne asada. Sooo yummy!

Favorite read:
Teachings of Jesus in Matthew on marriage and divorce. 

Favorite Workout:
I've been kinda lazy this week, but I did get 3 miles in at the gym yesterday and felt great. 

Playing outside ALL afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! The weather has been incredible! Rush is in heaven- he's been going shirtless! 

Favorite meal:
Ham and Swiss croissant casserole (NOT healthy) with orange poppyseed spinach salad. 

Favorite blog reads:

Healthy Living: 
The MOB Society's post on How Not to Raise a Godly Man (can't wait to read the free e-book). 

I shared earlier this week that we are going for a family hike tomorrow, and I am super excited! Hiking is possibly my favorite thing to do with Ben.
Photo from 2011- same trail that we're hiking tomorrow
Because of our plans tomorrow, I am planning to do my long run late this afternoon into this evening. I do not typically have good results when I run late in the day, but this is really my only opportunity to get it in. The marathon is just 5 weeks away!

Ben is teaching on the importance of community within the church this Sunday. I'm so proud of how is he growing as a leader/teacher. I'm learning that our spiritual gifts may not be what we would expect based on our natural personalities (post on this coming soon).

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Do you get excited for weekends?
What's your favorite family activity?


  1. Oh I wish we could go hiking with you all!!!!! It's supposed to be pretty here today then turn COLD again. Boo-hiss.

    1. It's crazy how flip-floppy the weather has been this winter! Just think- this summer, we can go on a hike with Baby D in-tow. :)

  2. I love your "not healthy" disclaimer. :) We do try to eat healthy, but typically when I have a recipe to post, it's NOT one of the better ones. Ha. :)
    Hooray for exercise and family time (and doing both at the same time!). I definitely know the feeling of relishing every weekend moment together. Sometimes my husband's days off aren't together, so we have to wait for that one day in the middle of the week. That day is tomorrow, so I'm enjoying this evening of catching up on blogs while he sits next to me, absorbed in a book. :)