Monday, November 4, 2013

Meal Plan Monday (11/4)

This is always a very busy time of year for our family for several reasons. October & November fly by, and contrary to most families' schedules, December slows down a bit for us. Since we are kinda crazy right now, I am realizing that I am not always making my meals on the originally-planned night. So, this week, I am planning four meals, but not on any certain night. Here are the four dinners that I bought for at the grocery store this morning:

1. Chicken and wild rice slow-cooker soup (in the slow-cooker right now)

3. Spinach quiche

4. Chili

This is our breakfast plan:

Waffles topped with yogurt and berries

Everything bagel thins topped with Laughing Cow cheese and egg

Wednesday: (This is always a quick-breakfast day because we leave the house early for Bible Study. Sometimes the kids have to eat in the car.)
Banana Bread

Waffles and/or Pumpkin Granola on vanilla Greek yogurt

Banana Bread (if there's any left!) ;)

Everything bagel thins with Laughing Cow cheese and egg and turkey bacon

Pumpkin Granola on vanilla Greek yogurt

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