Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meal Plan Monday (on Tuesday 3/20)

We got hit with the stomach bug last week! It staggered through the kids and Ben, and we are still seeing lingering symptoms. I've somehow been able to avoid the bug so far. We did still manage to get a few good meals in last week, despite the madness...

Grilled marinated chicken tenders with homemade mac n cheese and French green beans

Leftover quiche
Mug brownie for a late-night treat

Summertime chicken tortellini soup (made with leftover grilled chicken tenders)
These leftovers were great for soothing sick tummies all weekend. 

The kids helped me make batch of these mini muffin corn dog bites to freeze. As it turns our, they don't like corn dogs! Oh well... they'll make good snack or lunch for me.

Here's a little pre-view of our eats for this week:

Sweet potato and black bean chili
Crock pot BBQ sandwiches
Eggplant Zucchini Bake
Trader Joe's black bean burgers
Indian spice curry chicken and veggies

I hope these meal plan posts inspire you to try some new stuff for your family!

What are some new recipes you've liked lately?


  1. All of your food looks so good! I'm sorry y'all got hit with the stomach bug. :( I hope everyone is much better now! I haven't been cooking much at all this week because Tuesday we packed up all of our kitchen stuff to move! I did make a big batch of lentil sweet potato soup in the crockpot so we would have it this week, and that stuff is delicious! Even the Hubs loves it!

    1. Oh! That soup sounds yummy! I think I remember you mentioning it before... I'll have to look that one up! So exciting with the move! And thanks, we are all feeling much better... Almost back to normal I think. :)

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