Thursday, April 3, 2014

Loving Lately {Munchkin Meals}

It's Munchkin Meals time! I am excited to read all the other kiddie-food ideas in the link-up on A Healthy Slice of Life. 
munchkin meals

I have felt at a loss this month as to what I should share about my four and two- year-olds' meals. So, I've settled on telling you some of our current favorites. Some are repeats, so I'm sorry if they're redundant. But I figure, hey, if a toddler likes something that much, it must be worth mentioning again. ;)

Favorite breakfast lately:
Anything paired with peanut butter and/or turkey bacon

Favorite snack lately:
Orange cream yogurt raisins, banana chips, and Strawberry Crunchies

Favorite lunch lately:
Any kind of wrap. Whole wheat tortilla smeared with hummus, topped with desired veggies (chopped to toddler-friendly size), roasted pulled chicken, deli meat, or vegetarian, and sprinkled with cheese of choice (if desired). 

Favorite dinner lately:
Quiche (no surprise around here). My kids would eat it every other night!
Edy's Outshine fruit bars

The weather has been summer-like over the last three days, so cold treats are a must! These use real fruit juice and the rest of the ingredients aren't too shabby. I definitely prefer making our own Greek yogurt bars, but right now I'm not making much time for homemade "extras" because we are still trying to sell our house. My "extra" time that I normally would use to bake or make fun treats is currently being used to de-clutter and deep-clean for potential showings. Not my favorite way to use my time, but it will hopefully pay off soon. We have a showing today at 5:00. :)

What's your favorite summer-time treat to give your munchkins?


  1. That quiche looks great! I'd love to have some myself :)

    1. Thanks! We are all quiche-lovers in the Mills house. It is so satisfying, and the leftovers are great for breakfast and lunch too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Everything looks and sounds awesome! I bet my kids would love that tortellini combination. Thanks for the idea :)

  3. Thanks, Kristen! Tortellini always makes my kids happy, but when I can give them powerful greens without complaining, it makes me happy too! I hope your family loves it!

  4. Something about kids loving quiche sounds so fancy!! I have yet to make one at home for H, but now I want to :) Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Ha ha! I know… Lots of people have told me how funny they think it is that they like quiche. In fact, it is an inherited love, because my husband came home from kindergarten with an assignment in which he was supposed to draw his favorite food, and he drew quiche. My mother-in-law still has it.