Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites (3/28/14)

Hey, y'all! I haven't been making much time for blogging lately, but I have really missed it. We've had lots of things going on lately... nothing major; but you know how it is. Sometimes life just kinda takes over. 

One of the highlights during my blog-break was getting to do a service project with the young marrieds small group Bible study that we lead. We stationed ourselves at both entrances of a local grocery store and handed out water bottles with our church invite cards attached while attempting to simply talk with people. 
We had hopes of getting opportunities to ask people what was going on in their lives and if we could pray with them/for them about anything. Our signs said "Free water, free prayer." 

Many people were very distrusting of us, refusing the water; (I think they thought we were going to trap them into something if they took the water but didn't want to talk.) There are lots of great stories from that day, but the thing most worth mentioning is how much our eyes were opened to hurt all around us that people keep hidden but will gladly tell someone about if they sense genuine care. I was humbled by the experience of showing compassion to strangers in this way. I was also emboldened; I know now that it is a very simple thing to ask someone the question, "Is there something that I can pray for you about?" The worst they can say is "no." But when they say yes, God pours out His love into us, as we pour it out into another person. "For whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." Jesus in John 4:13-14

This past week has been a fairly normal one. The weather has been really wacky, but we have still gotten some outside playtime. Here are some of my favorites from the week:

Playing outside on Saturday afternoon, grilling turkey burgers for dinner, and eating on the deck. 

Getting back to reading My Utmost for His Highest in the mornings, now that our church-wide devotional is over. I love the teachings of Oswald Chambers. 

Trying out a new slow cooker recipe for pulled pork sandwiches. Oh. My. Heavens. 

Brainstorming a service project with the moms group at church related to low-income / at-risk expectant moms. I am SO excited about this!

Catching up on some blog reading. Becky's post blew me away yesterday!

Trucking on with marathon training. I did 16 miles for my long run two weeks ago and 12 miles last weekend. Both runs went really well. I am supposed to run 18 miles this weekend. It's only a little over a month away to the race!!! Eek!

Rush is sounding out words and spelling them!!! This little boy is blowing my mind! I haven't pushed this type of learning because he has never shown eager interest in it. He is much more concerned with riding his bike and scooter and playing baseball,etc. It is amazing watching his little brain develop. He is like a super-sponge right now at 4 1/2. 

We have NO plans for this evening, so we'll probably have homemade pizza and watch a movie in the living room. {My favorite!} Tomorrow, Ben is playing in a dodgeball tournament as a fund-raiser for a St. Jude fund-raising team called "AC and the Tough Kids." These are friends from our church, and they are amazing people. 

Sunday, Ben is teaching a lesson on suffering and trials in our lives and how  we are always responding to our circumstances, good or bad. I really enjoyed this chapter in the book How People Change, so I am looking forward to the lesson. 

I hope you have had a great week too!

I want to know:
What's the last service project you did?
What's your favorite meal to eat outside?

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  1. Love the "outline of your days" entry. Love your family. The last service project I did (participated in) was also a part of the Love Loud 5-5-5 church project. Our SALT group (a ladies' mission/Bible study group) put together 100 "Jerry Bear Bags" for shut-ins and assisted living folks that Jerry Hyder and others visit regularly. Just a reminder that they are thought of and prayed for. A PERSONAL service project I do regularly may seem a little "quirky" but this is it: Whenever I use a public ladies' restroom, I take a few seconds while washing my hands to pick up stray paper towels and wipe up the standing water and soap drips (under those soap dispensers). Wash my hands, take two dry towels and do a quick "polishing" of the faucet handles before leaving. It takes less than a minute and hopefully leaves a better experience for the next "visitor" to the restroom. I know I WOULD appreciate it.....don't you hate it when there's NO PLACE to put your bag because the vanity is a mess of wadded-up paper towels (why can't people find the trash can?) and puddles of water and soap? Even though no one will know I did it, or even care if they did, I always have the scripture Colossians 3:23 in my mind when I leave.
    My favorite meal to eat outside? ALL meals taste better eaten outside!