Friday, March 14, 2014

D.C. Re-cap

We were in D.C. all weekend with the college kids from our church. As I'm typing, we are in the van driving back home right now. :) Here's a photo of Ben and me with my sister and her husband who is the college pastor (that's how we got asked to help on the trip).

We had a really great time getting to know everyone. We did an "amazing race" on Saturday morning, and my team won! 
Team 1 rocked!

We never took any pics, but Beth (my sis) and I cooked dinner for the whole group on Saturday and Sunday nights. There were 20 people including us. That was fun (and hard!). Ben and I got to do the shopping for Sunday night at a VERY busy Whole Foods. It was pretty much a nuthouse, and I almost cried once because I couldn't find soft tortillas... But it was fun to see all their awesome food since I never get to shop there at home. 

We took along some "spiritual surveys" and encouraged everyone on the trip to approach at least one person to ask them the questions. We shared about our responses after dinner on the last night, and it was amazing. I was so proud of how bold the students were and also how they conveyed the love of Jesus in how they responded to some of the answers that they were given. It was made very clear to all of us through the surveys that there is so much confusion in the world about who Jesus is. We can put ourselves in such a bubble sometimes that we take Jesus and our knowledge of him for granted. I am fairly certain that a girl that my sister and I talked to had never even heard someone pray! But through Beth praying and calling out the different names for God/Jesus, she was able to get a glimpse of the Gospel, which hopefully was planted in her heart and will sprout when the time is right. Please pray for her heart to be opened to the reality of a real, true, loving God. Her name was Genna.

I am so glad that Ben and I got to be a part of this trip! We were encouraged; we learned through Jared's teachings based on Matthew 18; we made lots of new friends!

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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