Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Marathon Training Log #4

I mentioned that we were going on our annual family beach trip, and would be there when our training regimen assigned 15 miles. We did run 15 miles while we were on vacation, but not all at once. We did a 7-miler on Thursday and two 4-milers (Friday & Saturday), all while pushing the double stroller.
As you can tell, Rush was thrilled about being strapped-in!

Ben pushed both kids the entire 7 miles, and I pushed L for both 4 milers while R rode his bicycle. The paved paths all over Hilton Head Island are so nice! We decided to save the full 15-mile run for Monday when we could get a babysitter (Ben took Monday & Tuesday off too!).

This run was miserable! We started later than we had hoped to- 10:00 am. Even though it has been milder than usual, it was still hot, especially with hardly any shade along the route. 

~8:00 am: peanut butter toast & pineapple (and of course coffee!) along with water

Took my two 10 oz bottles in my running belt, one with water and one with Gatorade. Also packed two gels: one Body Glove brand & one Vega brand (both gifts from Brittany), and a Marathon Bar for Ben & me to share. 

Started off feeling well. Got to a park just before mile 6 to refill waters and take a restroom break. We shared the bar as we started back up, and got to see a new part of town with our increase in distance. It was a nice shaded river walk: very welcomed on a hot sunny day! Around mile 8, I felt like I needed a bathroom break again, and luckily, we were passing the park again. I decided I needed the Body Glove gel; I think it was green tea and honey flavor; not a typical "gel" texture, but pleasant taste compared to most other gels I have tried. We had already been slowing WAY down since mile 8, and after my stop it was a snail's pace to the finish... But I finished!

I think that I should have eaten a little something closer to starting. It may have helped with the "crash" that I experienced around the 8th mile.

Drank a 20 oz sport drink soon after stopping, and felt great the rest of the day. No tummy troubles post-run again! Hallelujah!

Going camping this Saturday morning, and my running partner is going out-of-town too. We are trying to figure out a way to run on Friday morning. It's supposed to be a 16 miler!!!

Less than 9 weeks to Marathon Day!

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