Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marathon Training Log #3

10 miles. Seems short after 14...

We decided to meet at 7:30 Saturday morning. I slept-in until 7:00!!!! Didn't really give myself enough time to eat and use the bathroom...

About 7:10: ate a 4 oz cup of yogurt topped with Kashi honey sunshine cereal. Drank about 8 oz of coffee along with it. Sipped on water too.

Took my two 10 oz. waters in my belt and a Snickers Marathon Bar (found them at Wal-Mart in boxes).

Ben ran ahead of Chris and me since he wanted to go a little farther than us. Chris and I were both feeling yucky this run. It was just one of those off-days. But, by mile 5, we had gotten into a groove and it seemed like our aches and cobwebs had loosened up. I ate 3/4 of my marathon bar at the halfway point and had a few sips of Chris's electrolyte drink. Had to stop for a bathroom break around mile 8, and I was worried that my stomach was going into "dumping." All was fine after the stop, though, and I finished strong. It was a great run this week.

Ben and I both drank a 32 oz Gatorade when we finished. My stomach was very unsettled the rest of the day. Not sure if it was related to the run, though, because our baby girl had tummy trouble yesterday too. 

We got to eat a delicious and satisfying dinner at a wedding reception. Ben and I were both very hungry, so, of course, we over-ate. I can't say that I regret it, though. Plus, we had some great company.
My friend, Brittany, and me at the reception

15 miles scheduled for this weekend, and we are taking a family vacation.  We may have to reschedule the run for the following Monday. We'll see!

9 weeks to race day!

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