Friday, September 21, 2012


"What kind of excitement are you sensing right now as the Spirit "hovers over" (Genesis 1:2) your study of His Word?"
(From BSF notes)

Does your Bible study time ever get you excited? I will be honest and say that a lot of the time, for me, it doesn't. I am so excited right now, though, as I have begun this systematic study through BSF.

"Are you now aware of a life-giving movement of God's Holy Spirit drawing you toward God and preparing your heart to receive God's spiritual light?"

A good study is life-giving and invigorating to my soul!

Do you have a way of studying that makes you wanna shout? Please share!!!

On a much less serious note, look at this cute notebook I found for my BSF materials! I LOVE school supplies and this is first time I have gotten to buy any since 2004.

I am hoping that we can get a post from Ben soon... who's with me?!

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  1. Like you, there are times that "daily Bible study" rarely resembles anything exciting. But I have found that spending time alone just "seeking His face" through prayer and meditation, then opening the Word and gleening over the pages before me often stirs me to sit up straight and say, "Wait, I gotta read that again!" Then, using various resources (taking notes, concordances, online "rabbit chases", etc) I find myself caught up in the (dare I say it? yes...) excitement of studying God's Word.

    Our family has Sunday evening and Wednesday evening "Family Church" since my folks don't get to church very much these days. We pull out the old Baptist and Broadman Hymnals and go through singing one after the other. Many (most) times the lyrics will cause one of us to comment on some spiritual truth or Biblical doctrine so beautifully illustrated that gets us to recalling Scripture passages. SOmetimes a passage read will generate a conversation that leads to other Bible topics. Our "worship services" are always soaked in Biblical truths and it's nothing for two hours slip by without our noticing. (and this is AFTER I get home from church).

    I consider in-depth and purpose-driven Bible studies the "main diet" of spiritual growth...and the half dozen or so "daily devotions" (Swindoll, Stanley, Rogers, CHAMBERS, Tozer...just to name a few) as multiple vitamin SUPPLEMENTS. Systematic or serendipidous searching of the Scriptures is ALWAYS time well spent....and sometimes the "excitement" is a deep contentment.

    For me, singing, praising, worshipping and praying are all a part of an EXCITING time in the Word.