Friday, July 31, 2015

What We've Been Up To (and my prayer request)

So much has happened since I last blogged...

We moved!

We found out we are having our third child!

We celebrated 10 years of marriage!
Trip to Grove Park Inn- Asheville

We have an upcoming Kindergartener! 😢 

I started selling Norwex home products. 

Ben got a promotion at work!
Camping trip last weekend. He's such a great Daddy!

God has been just pouring out His grace on us. 

But, if I'm honest with you, I'll tell you that I have not been enjoying those blessings like I should. I have not been grateful or worshipful. I have not even been as joyful as I should. 

Feeling like a narcoleptic and like I could throw up at any moment for the first two months of the pregnancy has been a major contributor to my unjoyfulness. 

I've never had trouble getting out of bed in the morning, but I have struggled these last few months. I haven't been meal planning because nothing sounds good, and I can't find the motivation to clean the kitchen anyway. Many things have just fallen to the wayside- including my morning quiet time spent reading my Bible. I must also admit that I realize this is probably the first step I need to take in getting back my joy. It's time for me to make that a priority again. 

Please pray for me that I will find my joy and zeal for the Lord again. "The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me and my heart is filled with joy." Psalm 28:7

I am amazed at how even when I've been ignoring Jesus, He doesn't leave me on my own. 

Have you ever been ignorant to God's blessings in your life? Did you find your blind spot?

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